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Who is it for?


Well cats over the age of 11 years. It is to try and pick up any problems early and to keep older cats healthy and happy. 

At the end of the consultation, you will be given a handout which summarizes the appointment and any recommendations we have made.

Cat in Basket



​At your Senior Tails Clinic, the nurse will go through your questionnaire with you and discuss any concerns you may have. Then they will perform an exam to assess the following:-

  • Checking your cat's heart and respiratory rate for signs of abnormalities. 

  • Checking their mouth and teeth for abnormalities and discussing dental care; Checking their ears for parasites, hearing loss and cleaning advice if needed; Checking that your cat's nose is clean and clear. 

  • Assessing your cat's coat and skin to look for any parasites, deficiencies or dermatological problems. 

  • Checking their eyes for any sgn of infection, trauma or disease. 

  • Checking your cat's mobility and cognitive function and discussing ay behavioural changes checking their weight, body condition and discussing their diet. 


What is extra in the Silver Tails PLUS clinics? 

  • A blood sample to test major organs, blood cells, electrolytes and thyroid levels. We shave the neck or leg and apply a numbing cream to ensure your cat is relaxed as possible.

  • A urine sample is checked to check for bacteria, infection, protein, diabetes and to test kidney function. 

  • We will measure your cat's blood pressure to ensure it is within normal limits to rule out any illness related with low or high blood pressure. 

  • A member of the clinical team will give you a call with your cat's results- if there are any problems you may need a further appointment.


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