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The INSPIRE study is an international project and is one of the largest feline studies ever conducted.

The goal of this global study is to evaluate the ability of a licensed veterinary medicine to slow the progression of CKD so cats may live healthier lives.

Why we need your help.

With the help of pet owners and vets, we hope to recruit more than 500 cats around the world to participate in this placebo controlled*, double-blinded study**, which will last up to three years.

*a placebo appears identical to the test medication, but contains no active ingredient

**in a double-blinded study, neither you nor the Veterinary Investigator knows whether your cat is receiving the test medication or a placebo

Why participate?

  • The findings from this study could lead to better treatment, health, and quality of life for cats with CKD

  • Your cat’s kidney health will be monitored closely

  • Your cat will receive comprehensive medical checks and diagnostic testing

  • There is no cost for your cat’s participation

What’s involved?

If enrolled, your cat will be evaluated by the Veterinary Investigator approximately three times during the first three months. Following this, check-ups will take place approximately every three months for up to three years.

You will be asked to commit to:

  • Bringing your cat to all scheduled study visits

  • Administering the study medication/placebo daily using an oral syringe (either directly in the mouth or on a small amount of food). The medication is a liquid and therefore easy to give and well accepted by the vast majority of cats.

  • Documenting all doses you administer to your cat in a dosing log provided to you.

For more information visit:

The Cats with Kidney Disease Website

Bap - one of our trial kitties. 

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