Dr.Eleanor Flynn

Veterinary Surgeon

Eleanor has worked in cat-only practice since graduating in 2013. Originally from Ireland, she was offered a job in (then) Ireland’s only cat-only practice after graduation, an opportunity she knew was too good to pass up. From there she was hooked on the cat and client experience in cat-only clinics and knew she could never go to general practice! She moved to the UK from Ireland in late 2013 and has been working at the Oxford Cat Clinic ever since. Eleanor's main interest is feline medicine, she is also interested in pain management and disease prevention, and she has a soft spot for geriatrics. Eleanor is passionate about helping cat owners navigate the unique difficulties of having a cat with a chronic illness, having her own older cat Chirpy with a chronic illness. In 2017 Eleanor completed the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) Feline Medicine Distance Education course and in 2018 she successfully passed the Australia and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists Feline Medicine exams.

Eleanor is an Advanced Practitioner in Feline Medicine.