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Travel FAQs for outside EU and NI

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Travel outside of the European Union (EU) and Northern Ireland (NI)

What is required to travel with my cat outside of the EU and NI?

An Export Health Certificate (EHC) is needed to travel with your cat outside of the EU and NI. You will also need to complete an export application form (EXA) if you are in England, Scotland or Wales


How do I apply for a EHC/EXA?

Please visit the website here.


What is involved in applying for an EHC?

The process varies slightly depending on your destination and origin. Please follow the guidelines on the website here.


Any other requirements to travel with my pet?

Depending on your destination, you may need to nominate an official vet who will be sent the EHC to check the paperwork. Additionally, each country has its own set of restrictions and requirements that must be adhered to - please ensure that you are compliant with all these requirements. Please contact the embassy of your destination country for a full list of requirements for travelling with your cat.


Any other information?

Please be aware that our staff will help you in any way that we can, but we are not familiar with the requirements for travel to every country, especially as these may change over time. It is therefore your responsibility to let our vets know exactly what you require when you are travelling with your cat. We can accept no liability for delayed travel if you do not provide us with the correct information required for your travel circumstances.

Download a PDF copy of this information here.

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