COVID 19 Service Updates

Updated on August 12th 2020 at 3PM


We are committed to looking after your cat while limiting the spread of coronavirus. We want to ensure the safety of our clients, our team and the general public; in this way we hope to continue to provide this care over the coming months.



The Oxford Cat Clinic is still here to help, providing Gold Standard Veterinary Care to all our patients. However in line with government guidance on self-isolation and social distancing, and following British Veterinary Association guidelines, there are some important changes to our normal consulting process.​ Please note: Telephone lines may be busy; if you are hearing a ringing tone or are put on hold please be patient.



From September 1st 2020 MARSTON will increase opening hours from those above to Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. A WEEKEND service will be available at our BOTLEY Clinic.

Our BOTLEY Clinic is open as normal 8am to 6:30pm Monday to Friday and at WEEKENDS SATURDAY 9am to 2pm and SUNDAY 9am to 12pm

For any emergencies outside are regular opening hours when neither of our Clinics are open please call our Out of Hours service on 01993 811355


Please be aware that all food and medications should be pre-ordered. It is really helpful to us, where possible, if you could order through the website to ease pressure on phone lines. Please state your preference for surgery collection (Botley or Marston) or for £9 courier delivery. We will ring you for over-the-phone payment when the items are ready for collection or ready to be sent for courier delivery. Please note courier delivery is currently taking 7 - 10 days. If collecting we advise you double-check with the surgery site (Botley or Marston) before setting off so that we can get your items ready.


We are operating a closed-door policy – ie no client is allowed on the premises except in exceptional circumstances. When you arrive at the Clinic please call the relevant Clinic to let us know you have arrived. We will then ask you to put your cat, in your secure basket, on the doorstep. You can then return to your car while we collect the basket and bring it into the practice. We will wipe the handles before picking the basket up and upon returning it. Please don't worry, these are strange times but your cat is in safe hands. The vet will call you on your mobile phone to speak to you about any worries and concerns you may have regarding your cat and to discuss any findings, treatment plans and costs involved. You may not be in the same room as the vet but you are still very much involved in the veterinary process.

Our teams are observing social distancing and PPE rules apply to keep everybody safe.

We are eagerly awaiting your call, offering our usual comprehensive service from our team of cat-experts.


Both our external referral service and veterinary hospital are also in full operation but also still behind closed doors as outlined above.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding throughout this current situation.

The Oxford Cat Clinic Team

It doesn’t need to be an emergency!

Any condition that may deteriorate to become a welfare concern should be seen. We all know how cats hide their illness, so we are anxious to speak to you as soon as you recognise that your cat is unwell. In the first instance we recommend a telephone appointment where the vet can discuss the next step. Don't feel you need to try and decide whether or not to seek advice. If you are worried we are here to help. The first consultation is charged - and if we then decide the cat should be seen immediately there is no additional consultation fee - just the cost of any procedure or medication required. Appointments can be booked via our website.

 Vaccinations ("Booster") for Adult Cats

 We recommend yearly visits for vaccines and health checks - with a 3-month window to keep up with current demand. This short delay will not put your cat at any risk. Please book your vaccine appointment online or by phone. All vaccines include a thorough physical examination and update on your cat's health. We look forward to hearing from you.

How to book a consultation

The easiest way to book a telephone, video consultation or visit is via our website

You can also ring either clinic - but lines do remain busy so please be patient. Be sure to state clearly which clinic you normally visit so that we can book the most appropriate time-slot for you. If in doubt whether to book a telephone consult or whether to visit you can speak to our nurses or receptionists for more advice - but if you can travel and you think your cat is likely to need to be examined, book a visit. If for any reason it is easier to start with a telephone consultation please do. If during that conversation we advise that we still need to see the cat, if this is booked to occur within 24 hours no further consultation fee is charged for the physical examination.

Please be aware that we are not able to consult by email, so email enquiries will usually be directed back to book via our website or receive very brief guidance to specific questions.

Kitten, 1st Annual Vaccinations & 2nd Vaccinations

We are prioritising the vaccinationof kittens and cats in the first year of life. You will be asked to bring your kitten/cat to the Clinic and asked to wait outside. We will then collect a brief history from you and your kitten will be collected from you at the door. Your vet will then carry out a full physical health assessment, give the vaccination if appropriate and discuss any findings with you by phone. Your cat will then be handed back to you.


Some cases do need to be seen at the hospital without delay. For example any cat that has been involved in major trauma, has suffered blood loss, has difficulty breathing or has an eye injury will be directed to come down to the clinic at an appointed tme for direct examination. Please ring us on 01865 243000 and press 1 iff you think you have an emergency and need further advice.

Ordering of Medicine and Food

Due to the current situation we ask that you please give us as much notice as possible when re-ordering food and medicines for your cat. Due to a decline in delivery drivers, our supplies will arrive less regularly than usual. Once your order is placed we will call or text you wen it is ready to arrange pre-payment over the phone, and collection from our clinic doorstep during business hours. Alternatively we have a courier service available for drugs (not food) for £9.00. Please allow 7 - 10 days for courier delivery. To place an order please click below. We also now have a delivery option on our Cat's Whiskers Reward Plan.

Cat's Whiskers Health Plan Delivery Sign Up


Flea & Wormer



We recognise the importance of neutering cats to prevent unwanted pregnancies and other related health and behaviour issues. Please contact us if your cat requires neutering.


We are still admitting cases that require hospitalisation into our hospital, where they will be cared for as usual by our dedicated team. Unfortunately, at this time if a pet is hospitalised at our facility, visits will not be permitted except in exceptional circumstances


We monitor e-mails regularly but they are not monitored constantly, so please do not use e-mails to report an urgent case. We will occasionally request photos or videos via e-mail to support a telephone consultation.

Sanitisation - Personal & Surfaces

We have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces. If you are asked to enter the building please follow instructions from our team regarding movement on site and sanitise and/or wash hands on arrival and before leaving.

Telephone Consults

Please make sure we have the correct contact number. Stay close to your phone at the allotted time and the vet will ring you as soon as they can. Because we remain very busy there can be a slight slip in appointment times. We will let you know if there is a major hold-up, but if you are unsure and time is ticking-on please ring and check all is in order.

Vulnerable & Self-Isolating Adults

If you are affected by Covid 19, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND THE CLINIC, please call us. We will find a way of giving your cat essential care. If you are concerned about pet food and medical supplies please ring us to discuss options and make a plan. 

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